Increasing the Accessibility of Allergy-Friendly Food

Founded in March 2020, Securing Safe Food (SSF) is a registered nonprofit working to fight food insecurity among food-allergic individuals, and to increase the accessibility of allergen-free foods. SSF aims to reinvent the food options that food-allergic, low-income families are provided via nutritional assistance programs. We deliver allergen-safe alternatives that are more useful, varied, and nutritious for those with food allergies (FA), celiac disease, or other medical dietary restrictions. 


We locate nutritional assistance programs in need of allergen-free stock and collaborate to ensure effective distribution to FA clientele.


We supply our partner food pantries with consistent, allergen-free options and link food-allergic individuals with a source of safe food.


We educate food manufacturers, medical practices, and the general public on the topic of food allergies and food insecurity.

The cost of fulfilling pantry requests surpasses our funding. Your donations help us provide food-allergic and gluten-free individuals with the allergen-safe and nutritionally sufficient foods they require.
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