Increasing Accessibility to Allergy-Safe Food Outside the Home

Founded in March 2020 by members of the Food Allergy Research and Education (FARE) Teen Advisory Group, Securing Safe Food works to increase the food allergic community’s accessibility to allergy-safe food. By collaborating with food pantries, cafeterias, and eateries across the country, we aim to reduce the challenge of finding allergy-friendly food outside the home. Our three-pronged mission is below.

Food Pantries

We work with allergy-friendly and gluten free food manufacturers to supply food pantries with allergy-friendly donations. We partner with these pantries, local nonprofits, and servicing banks to improve accommodations for food allergic individuals.


Our goal is to collaborate with restaurants across the nation, increasing allergy awareness by educating managers and staff, redesigning menus to highlight major allergens, and creating allergy-friendly systems.


In partnering with school cafeterias, we aim to make dining facilities easier for food allergic students to navigate. Our cafeteria initiative involves introducing accessible ingredient lists with clearly labeled allergens and manufacturing protocol statements.

100% of your donations will help us translate our goals to action. Whether you donate one dollar or fifty, your efforts bring us one step closer to providing the food allergic community with safe food.