Allergen-Free Partners

Securing Safe Food has worked with over 100 allergy-friendly and gluten-free food manufacturers to increase safe-food access. Our recurring donation model provides healthy, allergen-free options for individuals facing food allergy (FA) and food insecurity. We rely on our partnerships with allergy-friendly companies to help us provide each of our 30 partner food pantries with allergy-friendly foods on a regular basis. Even one or two donated boxes of product can make a difference for countless FA clients.

We only partner with brands who are either certified gluten free or whose facility is free from at least one of the top 9 allergens (as recognized by the FDA) to ensure that our donations can be considered allergy-friendly and useful for our pantries’ clientele. We continue to partner with brands who are willing to donate one-time or on a recurring basis. Brands who fall into the latter category may qualify for our Partner Program. In return for their support, brands participating in our Partner Program receive increased promotion, including a featured brand logo, a special shout-out via social media, and interview opportunities.

Whether you are interested in our Partner Program or simply in making a one-time donation, please take a look at our interest form below, or scroll down further to see our current partners!

Thank you to our partners: