About This Initiative

The majority of food pantries and food banks cannot accommodate food-allergic individuals due to cost or lack of protocol to keep allergy-safe foods segregated for those who need them. It is vital that all food-allergic individuals are able to secure safe food.

We work to collect allergy-friendly non-perishables and refrigerated/frozen items to distribute to food pantries in Connecticut, California, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, and Illinois, and we partner with these pantries, food banks, and local nonprofits to ensure donations will be segregated and reserved for those with food allergies or celiac disease.

Partnered with 25 Food Pantries

70 Allergy-Friendly Brands

Almost 60,000 Items Donated

~60,000 Items = 19,000 lbs!

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*Disclaimer: Although we do our best to ensure that donations are free from at least one major allergen, Securing Safe Food cannot guarantee that the products we donate will be completely “safe” for all individuals avoiding such allergens. Securing Safe Food is not responsible for any harm that might occur due to ingredient or manufacturing discrepancies and claims no liability. We urge the food allergy community to read labels and ingredient statements prior to consumption and directly contact the manufacturer with any questions regarding cross-contamination protocol. Ingredients and facility practices may change without notice, and individuals should decide safely for themselves after evaluating allergen statements.